What is an Intercostal nerve block?

It is an injection to help with non-cardiac chest wall pain.

What is the purpose of an Intercostal nerve block?

Several causes for chest wall pain can include but not limited to Shingles, rib fractures, pain around a surgical incision, Chronic pain after a mastectomy, lung surgery or repetitive overhead movements which do not respond to other types of treatments.

What is an Intercostal nerve block?

A medication is injected to reduce the inflammation or irritation of the Intercostal nerve which is causing your pain.

What is injected?

Your Physician will inject Botox into 31 injections sites in 7 specific areas in your head. (See chart below)

Where is the placement of the injection?

The injection is placed between the ribs near the spine where the nerve root is located.

How is the injection performed?

These injections are performed outpatient, using fluoroscopy (X-ray) to guide the needle into the Intercostal nerve.  The Intercostal nerve blocks are given to help with your pain and are not always intended as a cure for the under-lying condition.


*Your injection day will be scheduled by Agape Pain Management and Lifestyle Center. The time for the injection is set up by Las Cruces Surgical Center and you will be called the day before your injection by Las Cruces Surgical Center and notified of the time for your injection. The nurses at Las Cruces Surgical Center will call you to go over your medical history and pre-procedure instructions prior to your injection. Please arrive for your injection at the time specified by Las Cruces Surgical Center. Your follow up after your injection will be scheduled by Agape Pain Management and Lifestyle Center four weeks after your injection.

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