What is a spinal cord stimulator?

It is an implantable device used to treat chronic pain, Complex regional pain syndrome, Post‐laminectomy syndrome and pain resulting from failed back surgery.  

How is the procedure done?

This is done as an outpatient procedure by your trained physician.  There will be a trial done to see if this device will benefit you.  For the trial the leads are inserted through a needle using fluoroscopy (X‐ray) and placed into the epidural space. The leads are then connected to the external battery pack.  The trial will last 3‐7 days.  If the trial is effective for you will then be implanted with a permanent spinal cord stimulator.  The permanent spinal cord stimulator leads are place in the epidural space the same way as the trial, but the leads will be anchored and the battery will be placed under the skin.  

What is the epidural space?

The epidural space is the space between the spinal cord and vertebral wall.

What is required by the insurances prior to this procedure?

There must be a recent MRI or CT, 6 months to 1 year of clinical evaluation, 2‐3 failed epidural steroid injections or facet injections and all insurances require a psychological clearance prior to considering any patient for this procedure.   

*Your procedure day will be scheduled with by Agape Pain Management and Lifestyle Center.  The time for the procedure is set up by Las Cruces Surgical Center and you will be called the day before your procedure by Las Cruces Surgical Center and notified of the time for your injection.  The nurses at Las Cruces Surgical Center will call you to go over your medical history and pre‐procedure instructions prior to your procedure.  Please arrive for your injection at the time specified by Las Cruces Surgical Center.   Your follow up after your injection will be scheduled by Agape Pain Management and Lifestyle Center four weeks after your procedure.