What is a Stellate ganglion block?

It is an injection for the sympathetic nerves located on either side of the neck.

What are Sympathetic nerves?

Sympathetic nerves regulate involuntary and automatic reactions, usually in stress related situations.

What is the purpose of a Stellate ganglion block

It is an injection to help with nerve pain in your head, neck, chest, arms and hands and it can also increase blood flow.  It is also used for patients with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy.

What is injected?

Your physician will inject and anesthetic and in some occasions will add a steroid to prolong the effects of the block.


*Your injection day will be scheduled by Agape Pain Management and Lifestyle Center.  The time for the injection is set up by Las Cruces Surgical Center and you will be called the day before your injection by Las Cruces Surgical Center and notified of the time for your injection.  The nurses at Las Cruces Surgical Center will call you to go over your medical history and pre-procedure instructions prior to your injection.  Please arrive for your injection at the time specified by Las Cruces Surgical Center.  Your follow up after your injection will be scheduled by Agape Pain Management and Lifestyle Center four weeks after your injection.

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