What is a trigger point?

A trigger point is a muscle spasm or knot in the muscle that can be felt under the skin that may irritate the nerves which causes pain and can radiate around the affected area.

Where are trigger points located?

Trigger points usually occur in the upper back and shoulder area called the Trapezius, but can occur all over your body.

Where is the Trapezius?

The Trapezius muscle is a large triangular shape muscle located from your neck to your mid back and across both shoulders.

How do I know if a trigger point injection is right for me?

Trigger point injections are indicated for patients with tension headaches, low and upper back pain, shoulder pain and fibromyalgia pain related to muscle spasms or irritated nerves around a knot in the muscle tissue.

How is a trigger point injection performed?

Trigger point injections can be performed in your physician’s office if the injection is indicated by your physician as a treatment for your pain symptoms. The area at the trigger point is cleaned and a numbing agent is used to lessen the pain associated with an injection.  Then a small needle is inserted with an anesthetic and sometimes a corticosteroid is injected.

How often can I get a trigger point injection?

If your physician only injects an anesthetic you can get the injections monthly if indicated by your physician.  If a corticosteroid is used it is recommended that it be done only a few times a year, unless otherwise indicated by your physician.


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