Agape is a compassionate practice specialized in pain management, physical therapy, healing, and restoration by expert fellowship-trained physicians.

Agape will help you manage your pain with a personal pain management plan so that you may live a more active and fulfilling life.

Living with life-lasting pain or acute injury pain is debilitating. Agape Pain Management and Lifestyle center serve the Southern New Mexico population with every type of bone, muscle, and nerve pain. With an organization of Doctors, Physical Therapists, and specialists, Agape can help restore functionality and strength.

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What is Pain Management with Agape?

Regardless of the source of your injury, a variety of treatments and procedures can ensure your pain does not become more severe. When you first visit Agape, one of our board-certified doctors will meet with you to discuss your condition, the sources of your pain, and your particular preferences for care and management. We will develop a specialized treatment plan to help your restore your lifestyle. While everyone’s experience and pain can be different, some of the most common pain we manage is:

    • Arthritis related pain
    • Headache and migraine-related pain
    • Neck Pain
    • Shoulder Pain
    • Joint Pain
    • Extremity Pain 
    • Spinal Pain
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